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CEO/Executive Director

Annual Salary:  $225,000


Director, Special Services

Annual Salary:  $145,000

2015 Budget Goodies!!


Gen. Counsel/ Dep. Dir.

Annual Salary:  $175,000


  • ​$7,000,000 - Salaries
  • $665,000 - Health Insurance Premiums
  • $500,000 - Pension Contributions
  • $428,000 - Meals
  • ​$325,000 - Professional Services
  • $115,000 - Lodging
  • $75,000 - Bathroom Remodel
  • ​$58,000 - Staff Education
  • $24,000 - Wellness Program​
  • $0 - Diversity Expenses
  • $0 - Member Assistance Programs


Deputy Chief Bar Counsel

Annual Salary:  $160,000


Chief Member Services 

Annual Salary:  $125,000

State Bar Money:  Where the Money is spent...



Chief Bar Counsel

Annual Salary: $175,000


Advertising Sales Manager

Annual Salary:  $125,000


Chief Financial Officer

Annual Salary:  $125,000

THE "HELP" - Assistants for Everyone!

It costs a ton of money to staff the State Bar of Arizona.  Here's a snapshot of some of the staff.



is their


Remember, the State Bar is just an "overpaid"

Home Owner's Association. 

The top 8 employees earn over $1.3 million in Salaries.






THE BLOATED BUDGETS - Benefits Galore...

From $500,000 annual in pension payments, new computers, to Wellness Programs, to fancy dinners , this budget has it all.  Check it out...

SBA Budget Meetings

The Truth: This bloated group of employees are nice folks who were unable to find employment in the private sector.  The State Bar hires them until they realize there's no real future.  Former employees claim that turnover is high and moral is low.  The bloated $15 million annual budget goes to pay executive salaries, pensions and "Cadillac" benefits packages.

2015 - Budget

THE COMPENSATION - You ain't making what these guys are

The State Bar of Arizona executives make great money.  Oh sure, you may have a higher annual salary but you also work 70 hours a week!  They're working less than 40.  Do the math.

THE BUILDING - If you're gonna screw attorneys, do it in luxury

Where does ALL the money go?  First, the State Bar employees get warehoused in this luxury red brick commercial building at 4201 N. 24th Street in Phoenix.  The State Bar purchased this 3 story palace in 2004 for $8.425 million!  While the building boasts 69,000 square feet, the State Bar only occupies the 1st and 3rd floors.  The 2nd floor remains mostly empty.  This is an expense the State Bar membership DID NOT NEED.  It has been nicknamed the Splurge Mahal.

State Bar of Arizona Building

2013 & 2014 Compensation!!