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doesn't kill Attorneys...

The State Bar of Arizona kills them."

- Widow of Attorney Targeted by the State Bar

How bad is it?

Substance Abuse

To those suffering from severe depression, substance abuse or thoughts of suicide, we hope you find help soon.  To the family members of Attorneys who left this world prematurely, we pledge a continued fight against the State Bar.

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The SBA is Hazardous to Your Health

The State Bar's Efforts in a Nutshell:

Peer Support Network
Peer volunteers are the foundation of the State Bar’s efforts to provide support for lawyers, judges and law students experiencing addiction, alcohol or substance abuse, mental health challenges and/or problems with stress or work/life balance.  Peer Support volunteers are lawyers who are there to receive calls, provide support and encourage the use of appropriate help, and provide information about resources available to lawyers facing difficulties in their professional or personal life.

CLE and Education
Education is an important part of prevention and recovery. The
State Bar of Arizona provides CLE programs on stress and wellness targeted for attorneys. Staff and volunteers provide presentations to law schools, specialty and local bar associations and law firms on the issues of substance abuse, mental health, recovery resources, wellness and the Member Assistance Program.

State Bar Budget for Help

Your Dues Pay for Bullying

Attorney Suicide

Volunteers+Expensive CLE Programs = SBA Makes Money
The State Bar of Arizona does not spend any money on helping its members.  In fact, it makes money off of those who are suffering. State Bar CLE costs are among the highest in the nation.

Attorneys who have "tangled" with the State Bar's steamroller discipline process have paid a huge financial and emotional price - Substance Abuse, Health and Mental Crises and Suicide.  If you don't suffer from either of those, you will lose financially - Bankruptcy & Foreclosure. Divorce and destroyed families soon follow.  The State Bar of Arizona claims to "protect the public" while at the same time destroy the lives of attorneys.  SBA CEO John Phelps (a former JAG Off) calls it "tough love."  Also, "When you're making $225,000 a year at a non-profit, who cares?"

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The State Bar: A Major Contributor of Substance Abuse & Suicide

What drives the State Bar?

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