Got a Complaint against  the SBA?

Where does all the State Bar's Money come from?  You...

The State Bar collects up to $2.5 millio in CLE revenue each year!

(1) There’s no empirical support that mandatory continuing legal education enhances lawyer competency or professionalism and; 

(2) the state bar has a financial interest in CLE marketingThe "slush fund" pays for their stylish building, lavish salaries and unnecessary programs. 

To lawyers in the big firms, it's not a big deal but to solo practitioners, running their shops on tight budgets, it's rough.  Money has corrupted the State Bar and like the Federal Government, they only want more...

2013 & 2014 Dues & CLE Collected



Dues Increase 2015!

​"The State Bar of Arizona neither creates nor produces things.
Frankly, it's just like the Federal Government."

The State Bar of Arizona goes after practicing attorneys and then charges the attorney the cost of the investigation and the reinstatement fees.  This bring in close to $4 million in DISCIPLINE COSTS.  The State Bar of Arizona has an interest in going after attorneys so they can get a windfall from the costs of prosecuting.  This leads to wrongful prosecution and questionable investigation tactics.  

The State Bar of Arizona is a MANDATORY organization. You HAVE TO join and pay dues in order to practice law in Arizona.  That means that every attorney in the state, whether practicing or not, is obligated to pay annual dues of $475.  With over 23,000 "member" attorneys, the Bar rakes in $9.2 millionin DUES each year!

The State Bar collects Millions off the interest in an attorney's Trust Account.  This does not happen in the Real Estate industry, where the broker keeps the interest earned on a Trust Account.  



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