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The Intellectual Debate

Should NOT be forced to Join an Organization and fund Speech you disagree with

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1 Reason for a Voluntary Bar?

225,000 Reasons for a Mandatory Bar?

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The Following are VOLUNTEER Associations:

1. Arkansas

2. Colorado

3. Connecticut

4. Delaware

5. Illinois

6. Indiana

7. Iowa

8. Kansas

9. Maine

10. Maryland

11. Massachusetts

12. Minnesota

13. New Jersey

14. New York

15. Ohio

16. Pennsylvania

17. Tennessee

18. Vermont

19. West Virginia

MANDATORY Bar Associations:

The following are States with Mandatory associations and a possible reason for the same:

• Alabama (corruption and huntin' are in their blood)

• Alaska (home of "the bridge to nowhere")

• Arizona (home of "America's Toughest Sheriff")

• California (F*cked up and proud of it)

• District of Columbia (home of Mayor Marion Barry)
• Florida (home of the hanging election chads)

• Georgia 

• Hawaii 
• Idaho
• Kentucky
• Louisiana (Katrina was a sign from above)

Michigan (one word...Detroit)

• Mississippi (you don't want to be included with them)

• Missouri
• Montana (where men are men and sheep are nervous)
• Nebraska
Nevada (home of "Dirty" Harry Reid)
• New Hampshire
• New Mexico

• North Carolina

• North Dakota
• Oklahoma
• Oregon
• Rhode Island

• South Carolina

• South Dakota

• Texas

• Utah

• Virginia

• Washington

• Wisconsin

• Wyoming

Volunteer State Bar Associations

A Big Building Requires Big Dues

The State Bar of Arizona is a MANDATORY assicuatuib.  Supporters of the MANDATORY bar associations refer to themselves as INTEGRATED bar associations.  Because Arizona is a MANDATORY bar association, every attorney in the state, whether practicing or not, is obligated to pay annual dues of $505.  With over 23,000 "member" attorneys, the Bar rakes in $9.2 millionin dues each year!  The slush fund pays for their stylish building above, lavish salaries and unnecessary programs.  To lawyers in the big firms, it's not a big deal but to solo practitioners running their shops on tight budgets it's rough.  Money has corrupted the State Bar and they only want more...

The State Bar of Arizona should be VOLUNTARY.  One of the biggest concerns has to do with the Accounting.  Below is part of the fight regarding the numbers.  It included a Petition for a Rule Change - it was DENIED.  That set up the "Task Force" showdown.

Mandatory State Bar Associations

AZ Bar

​Exposing the State Bar of Arizona


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