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​Exposing the State Bar of Arizona


Got a Complaint against  the SBA?

Rep. Anthony Kern

In February 2015, State Representative Anthony Kern introduced HB 2629. He and a bi partisan group took up the challenge against the State Bar's corruption. To contact him directly, visit:

In the Legislature?  Expect a call from a Bully...

State Bar's Lack of Accountability = Legislative Intervention

"The ONLY thing you have to FEAR

is the


of the

State Bar taking your LICENSE."

- SBA CEO John Phelps

CONTACT Your State Legislator

The MANDATORY State Bar, the issue has been taken up by the State Legislature.  Legislative constituents have been victimized and the judge selection process has devolved into unashamed nepotism. 

Changing the state bar to VOLUNTARY is central to many issues in the court system.  The MANDATORY nature gives the funding to the State Bar to lobby, pursue or protect attorneys and influence the selection of judges. 

The State Bar of Arizona will TARGET attorneys who dare come forward to tell their story about the SBA's CORRUPTION, HARASSMENT and INTIMIDATION. The State Legislature plans to provide immunity for those wishing to blow the whistle on the State Bar.

​Contact your STATE LEGISLATOR and tell him/her to support a VOLUNTARY State Bar.  Here are some tools to help you do so.