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Weigh in at with your own comments. And assuming, as expected, that the Justices authorize the filing of a Rule Change Petition to adopt the Task Force's recommendations, you will also be able to comment at that time, too.  Let them how you really feel about a MANDATORY State Bar at:


Congratulations, Justice Berch.  NO African American Attorneys on your Task Force.  Black Attorneys Matter...

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So the Supreme Court put together a "Task Force" (see list of members above) to review what's working and what's NOT working with the State Bar of Arizona.  Justice Rebecca Berch is the chair.  She claims that this isn't because there is a perceived problem with what the State Bar is doing or how it is operating.  The Task Force's Recommendations regarding the State Bar do not change anything.  Nevertheless, they are:

●  Rule 32: The Task Force recommends amending Supreme Court Rule 32 to clarify that the primary mission of the State Bar of Arizona is to protect and serve the public and, secondarily, to serve its members. The Task Force also recommends restyling and reorganizing sections of Rule 32 for clarity and readability.   A piece of shit by any other name?

●  Bar Structure: That the State Bar of Arizona continue to be INTEGRATED and supervised by the Arizona Supreme Court and that membership in the integrated bar be a requirement for practicing law in this state.  Basically, keeping the State Bar MANDATORY.  They use the term "INTEGRATED" State Bar, but that means MANDATORY State Bar.

Justice Rebecca Berch is a nice lady, however, the video looks like she is under duress when she is speaking.  John Phelps, State Bar CEO, made sure of it.


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​Conflict of Interest

1. the circumstance of a public officeholder, business executive, or the like,
whose personal interests might benefit from his or her official actions or influence:

2. the circumstance of a person who finds that one of his or her activities, interests, etc.,
can be advanced only at the expense of another of them.

3. see State Bar of Arizona Task Force.

CONTACT The Goldwater Institute

A MANDATORY State Bar is terrible for freedom.  The Goldwater Institute opposes the "Task Force" based on:

● Mandatory bar associations violate the First Amendment.

● Mandatory dues are “a form of compelled speech.

● There's no compelling state interest to coerce association.

Contact the Goldwater Institute to tell them that you support their opposition to a MANDATORY State Bar.  Also, you may have stories to share with them of the abuse experienced at the hands of the State Bar and the Arizona Judiciary.

'What better way for a ruling class to claim and hold power than to pose as the defenders of the nation.'

- Christopher Hitchens
















This is the "Task Force"

Supreme Court's "Task Force"

Guess who's on the Task Force...

Members & Corresponding Photo
Chair - Justice Rebecca White Berch - Supreme Court

1.  Paul Avelar - Institute for Justice Arizona Chapter
2.  Betsey Bayless - Maricopa Integrated Health Syst.
3.  Bennie Click - Picture Not Available

4.  Dr. Lattie Coor - Center for the Future of Arizona
Amelia Cramer- Pima County Attorney's

6.  Whitney Cunningham - Aspey Watkins & Diesel

7.  Jose de Jesus Rivera - Haralson Miller Pitt...

8.  Dr. Christine Hall - HAAPIJOBS
Chris Herstam - Lewis Roca Rothgerber
 Joe Kanefield - Ballard Spahr LLP
Ed Novak - Polsinelli PC
John Phelps - State Bar of Arizona
13. Gerald Richard - Phoenix Police Department
14. Martin "Marty" Shultz - Brownstein Hyatt Farber...
15. Hon. Sarah Simmons - Superior Court in Pima

16. Grant Woods - Grant Woods Law

* Names in RED are affiliated with the State Bar of Arizona, either as former State Bar presidents, Board of Governors or Staff.  

Again, can you say...


The Supreme Court's "Task Force"

A Primer on Confict of Interest

The State Bar of Arizona should be VOLUNTARY.  So, a Petition for a Rule Change was submitted and it was DENIED.  So, Justice Rebecca put together this "Task Force" to consider making the State Bar VOLUNTARY.  The Task Force was a joke, because of the makeup of its members.  The following is a look at the members of the Task Force.  Can you see any CONFLICTS OF INTEREST?