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Perfect Example - Alex Lane wants to become a Judge...

The only thing between Alex Lane becoming a Judge (like his parents) is the State Bar of Arizona's John Phelps.  Alex Lane was forced to support the State Bar or else face the reality of never becoming a judge.  Take a stand and SAY NO to judicial selection Corruption.


The State Bar Hates the New Justice...

The State Bar of Arizona and its "Insiders" are upset by the appointment.  State Farce CEO, John Phelps, sent out a letter voicing his disapproval.  

Insider, Ed Novak, added, “It appears to be a political choice.  But we’ll have to see if it is or isn’t as the opinions roll out in the future.”
“The past five years, the court has had a remarkable record of unanimity,” Novak said.  “It will be interesting to see if that continues given the independent thinking of Justice Bolick.”



is their


Bought & Paid For?

New Justice Clint Bolick


Presiding Discipline Judge - PDJ

Annual Bar Salary:  $TBD

"PDJ" Since: January 2011

Nickname: "RubberStamp" O'Neil

Best Quote: "Obscene Corruption.  I know it when I see it."

Rubber Stamp Judges...

Is it really a "Bribe" if he's on the State Bar of Arizona's Payroll?

O'Neil isn't getting paid cash by the SBA.  But are they withholding, per the IRS rules?

From the "Are you kidding me?" Files

"State Bar Awards Judicial Excellence Award to Supreme Court's Presiding Disciplinary Judge: The Arizona Supreme Court Presiding Disciplinary Judge, William J. O'Neil of Casa Grande, earned the Justice Michael D. Ryan Award for Judicial Excellence, presented by the State Bar of Arizona's Public Lawyers Section in recognition of his dedication and commitment to improving Arizona's justice system."

Supreme Court Connection to the State Bar

The Supreme Court may be the State's "highest Judges" but not until the Executives at the State Bar say so.  Justice Rebecca Berch was a judge and did did not like political games.  She left that up to the Bar.  However, she did do an interview and a video about the "conflicted" Task Force...

The "Task Force" to evaluate the State Bar was thrown together to pacify concerns of corruption at the Bar.

Anyone who has ever been to court has come to the sad realization that judges are far from competent and certainly not impartial.  Outcomes are often bizarre.  Divorce, Criminal, or Probate.  The State Bar employs Judge William O'Neil to hear discipline matters before the State Bar.  This judge "rubber stamps" decisions in favor of the State Bar.  While you may think this sounds unfair, remember, Justice is NOT blind.  Judges are also humans. 

We've all heard of judges who drive drunk or beat their spouse and nothing is ever done to punish them.  That's because they're part of the system.  This judge did some things which were illegal but was never punished.  Had it been you, you would be in jail.

Former Chief Justice Rebecca Berch

If you want to become a Judge,

you better get in bed with the State Bar.

Ever wonder why Arizona has lousy judges?  Well, the State Bar not only regulates attorneys and judges, it indirectly selects judges.  The state Constitution currently requires a commission to nominate judicial candidates and forward their names to the governor.

Among others, the commission is composed of f
ive attorneys, ALL nominated by the State Bar.

Lesson:Don't cross the State Bar or you'll never live your dream of collecting a pension as a retired judge.

Judge William J. O'Neil

Check out what this Judge has done

The State Bar employs this judge to hear matters which come to them.  This judge "rubberstamps" decisions in favor of the State Bar.  While you may think this sounds unfair, remember, Justice is NOT blind.  Judges are also humans. 

Many attorneys have lost their jobs, reputations and livelihoods, in large part due to the Arizona bar's Disciplinary Judge William O'Neil.  The State Bar have put in their guy O'Neil, who does whatever they tell him to do.  He particularly seems to go after conservative attorneys.  And even if he just suspends a conservative attorney for a brief period of time, he usually finds some technical reason to never let them back into the practice of law.