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Got a Complaint against  the SBA?

When they tell you "It's Not About the Money," it's about the Money...

What's Really Going On?

Patricia Sallen

Dan Cracchiolo

  • Big Firm Attorney
  • Close Connection to SBA

Share Your Story

If you have been the "target" of the State Bar Ethics Department or if you know specifics about how the "Insiders" game the system, please let us know.  Your stories will remain anonymous.  Someone said it best,

"Dealing with the State Bar of Arizona is like getting raped and then having them order you to pay for it."

- SBA Victim

Harriet Bernick

Former State Bar Presidents

What do they know about how the State Bar of Arizona operates?  What should they have known?  Why are they silent?

Denise Quinterri

  • Big Firm Attorney
  • Big Firm Attorney
  • Former State Bar President

Post Bar Employment - Ethics Counsel Alumni

After working for the bar, attorneys set up shop to defend attorneys fighting bar complaints.  These "defense" attorneys charge around $500 per hour and use their insider's knowledge to work the system.  They get paid PLUS the offending attorney fighting the complaint has to pay the State Bar their costs too!  The attorneys below enjoy this sweet gig.  Plus they are color coordinated!

Lynda Shely

Ed Novak *

Who are the Insiders?

The State Bar does not care about conflicts of interest, when it comes to their insiders.  These "insiders" are either former employees, former State Bar Presidents or large firm (read untouchable) attorneys.

The Insiders use the State Bar ethics department to go after rivals, defend attorneys for $500 per hour, work deals for special clients.  It's a win-win situation.  The Insiders have leverage, make good money and the State Bar gets paid for "investigation" fees!

J. Scott Rhodes