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​Exposing the State Bar of Arizona


Got a Complaint against  the SBA?

​​The #1 Reason Behind Discipline

MONEY. The State Bar makes the bulk of it's money off of MANDATORY annual dues (plus late penalties for the dues), CLE and getting paid to investigate allegations against an attorney.  

Guess who pays for the investigation.  The attorney

receiving the complaint!

Money Collected by State Bar
• Annual Dues -
$9.2 million
• CLE -
$2 million
• Discipline Process -
$4 million

• Discipline "Kickback" to AZ Supreme Court - $500,000

For more on the State Bar's license to print money.

Disciplinary Judge

If the State Bar wants "to get you" on anything, they'll submit a recommendation to the Probable Cause Panel.  Later, if you don't take the State Bar's "offer" rubber stamped by the Probable Cause Panel, counsel will haul you in front of their own judge, William O'Neil.  There, you will lose, be humiliated and the State Bar incur's greater expenses, which you will have to repay after serving your sentence.


​Dysfunctional Discipline System: In the NEWS

​​The MANDATORY State Bar of Arizona runs a corrupt and inefficient discipline system.   Here is what some are saying about it:

Jack Levine - Of the MANDATORY State Bar's dysfunctional discipline system he says, "The investigative portion of the present Lawyer Regulation System is thought by many lawyers to be wasteful, inefficient and extravagant...the state Bar’s disciplinary system, while focusing on sole practitioners, continues to neglect the egregious ethical violations committed by our large law firms."

Geoffrey M. Trachtenberg - He is a successful "ambulance chaser" and the current State Bar of Arizona President, who benefits from a MANDATORY State Bar.  He's not a reliable source, due to the obvious conflict of interest.  Here's the biggest self-serving lie in a recent opinion piece he wrote in the Arizona Republic: "I’m proud to say the State Bar of Arizona is an efficient and effective organization."​  Even the Bullshit Meter threw uapreally loved that one.

Administration of "Justice"


Magazine Shame - Your sentence will be published online and in the State Bar's glossy magazine.  It's a great way to humiliate you and make you want to clear your good name - paying the costs incurred bye the State Bar during your period of humiliation.  This is what it looks like.

Discipline Team

These are some of the folks who run/oversee  the State Bar's Discipline Department:

• Maret "Kathy Bates" Vesella

• Steve "Mowgli" Little

•  Craig "Diamond" Henley

​• Ann "Crouching Tiger" Ching

• Blair "Let My People Go" Moses

​• William "Kangaroo Court" O'Neil

​• Jim "Douche Bag" Lee



The State Bar of Arizona serves themselves.  

Who Can File a Charge/Complaint Against an Attorney?

Anyone can make a complaint against you (with or without merit) to the State Bar.

​• A Client (former, current or potential)

• An Employee (current, former or potential)

• An Attorney (a competitor in same field or a self righteous one)

• A Judge (Be careful you don't piss off a judge)

• The State Bar (they have $ quotas to fill, so they have to)

A Complainant is Protected 

​A Complainant (person making the complaint against you) can say whatever he/she wants in a complaint because there aren't any penalties for frivolous complaints.  The State Bar encourages complaints against attorneys so they can claim that they Protect the Public.  All allegations begin with the assumption of guilt. Remember, any and all allegations (with or without merit) are investigated until YOU prove yourself innocent. This includes any defamatory statements made by the complainant.

Sentences handed down by State Bar

Diversion - If the State Bar forces you into a Diversion program that's a way for them to charge you to be taught how to be a lawyer.

Probation - The probation period is to keep you "tied" to the State Bar's disciplinary process.  If you "screw up" again, while on probation, it will cost you.

• Restitution - Pay someone back money owed.

• Admonition - Slap on the wrist for SBA Insiders.

• Reprimand - Slightly harder slap on the wrist for SBA Insiders.

Suspension Six Months or Less -

Suspension Six Months or More - If the State Bar pushes for a six month suspension plus a day, you are screwed.  The additional day forces you to go through the time and expense of REINSTATEMENT.

Disbarment -  This is a suspension for 5 years.


This is what the State Bar professes on their Website...

The Discipline Process


Below is How the Discipline Process Works.