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The Client Protection Fund (CPF)

CPF Board of Trustees

Who administers the Fund? A five-member Board of Trustees administers the Fund. The State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors appoints the four lawyers and one non-lawyer who volunteer their time. In addition, the Fund Administrator and other State Bar staff help the Trustees administer claims.

The Trustees evaluate claims, determine if they are eligible for payment, and compensate eligible claimants.  The Trustees invest Fund money in accordance with the State Bar Board of Governors' investment policies.  Each year the Trustees prepare and present an annual report to the Arizona Supreme Court and the State Bar Board of Governors. 

Current Trustees:

1 - Matthew A. Gerst (Public Member; Wells Fargo Advisors, Scottsdale)

2 - James B. Penny (Law Office of James B. Penny LLC, Tucson)

3 - Rosemary H. Rosales (Chandler City Attorney’s Office, Chandler)

4 - Robert E. Schmitt (Murphy Schmitt Hathaway & Wilson PLLC, Prescott)

5 - Charles W. Wirken (Gust Rosenfeld PLC, Phoenix)

Assistant - Karen Oschmann - (Formerly Karen Weigand)

"The State Bar of Arizona's Client Protection Fund is a scam that claims to reimburse clients that have been screwed by unethical attorneys.My attorney was disbarred after my and several other people's testimony against the attorney."

- Martin Gaston