Member Discounts & Services

The State Bar uses their purchasing power to offer its Members Discounts on things like Avis Car Rentals, GEICO Insurance and Hotel Resorts.  The State Bar offers its Members the following Services: Email, CLE On Demand, Specialist Certification and Lobbyists.  Not bad for only $500 a year.

A Magazine!?

The State Bar spends a fortune putting together this publication.  Nobody buys it.  It's the 21st Century and glossy magazines are out.

What are the Benefits of Bar Membership?

Token Associations

The State Bar uses their power to influence "Voluntary" Bar associations.  Sadly, these honorable associations are forced to toe the company line, even to their detriment.

​One such group is Los Abogados.

AZ Bar

​Exposing the State Bar of Arizona


Got a Complaint against  the SBA?

CLE by the SEA

Each year, the State Bar spends Membership Dues to send its executives to San Diego to beat the heat.

Swanky Conventions

The State Bar invites everyone to attend but only the wealthiest "big firm" attorneys can afford to attend...