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Conflict of Interest

Got a Complaint against  the SBA?

Exposing Corruption at the State Bar of Arizona

AZ Bar


In the Legislature?  Expect a call from a Bully...

How good are they?  FIFA Good...

The State Bar's warped view of Regulation

How State Bar of Arizona is Taking Down Conservative Attorneys


HB 2221 respects the free speech rights of attorneys

POWER tends
Corrupts Absolutely

The individuals below are a few of the players behind the 'Power & Corruption' at the State Bar.

Corruption, Greed, Abuse of Power, Conflicts of Interest and Racism

$$$ $$

Serious allegations of Corruption, Greed, Abuse of Power, Conflicts of Interest and Racism at the State Bar of Arizona are surfacing. "Unregulated" Arizona agencies (like the State Bar) have a history of these systemic problems. Sadly, we have had ongoing scandals with the Phoenix VACPS, MCSO, APS. The State Bar is worse. This site exposes it.