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​Corruption, Greed, Abuse of Power, Conflicts of Interest and Racism

The STATE BAR OF ARIZONA (which regulates Arizona Attorneys) is one of the most corrupt state bar organizations in the country and (post Joe Arpaio era) is one of the most corrupt organizations in the State of Arizona. Like Arpaio, the State Bar of Arizona operates on a massive budget, has zero accountability to its members, the public or regulating state agency and (as aggressively as Arpaio) they can target political enemies.  Unlike Arpaio, you can't vote these guys out.

This is TOP DOWN CORRUPTION, from CEO John Phelps to Ethics Counsel Maret Vessella to the Staff which knows where the skeletons are hidden. This site shows the different levels of corruption and how and endless spigot of cash helps fuel the corruption.

UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Who are they, are they really a non-profit or is that a ruse? Where is the money coming from? How is the money being spent, who regulates them, who do they report to, where is the money going?

The individuals below are a few of the players behind the

"Power & Corruption" at the State Bar of Arizona...

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Serious allegations of Corruption, Greed, Abuse of Power, Conflicts of Interest and Racism at the State Bar of Arizona are surfacing. "Unregulated" Arizona agencies (like the State Bar) have a history of these systemic problems. Sadly, we have had ongoing scandals with the Phoenix VACPS, MCSO, APS. The State Bar is worse. This site exposes it.